A MESSAGE TO THE 144,000 👁️

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  1. May the person reading this be blessed hundredfold today. Just give thanks.

  2. Create a life that feels good on the inside, not just one that looks good on the outside. 💙🌱⭐️👁

  3. Growth is painful
    Change is painful
    But nothing is as painful than staying somewhere you don’t belong
    1love ❤️

  4. If you’re seeing this it’s because you’re waking up.

  5. This is why great truths have been spoken to you in parables, analogies and metaphors – that only those with the ears to hear and the eyes to see remember who they are. 🙏💪👁️💖

  6. I cannot tell You how much I needed this reminder. The quicksand is thickening. Thank You Ralph 🌱❤

  7. Kryon of Magnetic Service has spoken about this, shout out to the 144,000 the true 72,000 pairs of twin flames! and the 144,000 will sing a new song before the throne!

  8. We are here we don’t have to make the word impossible possible , we can achieve , ya got this !!

  9. People may not admit it to your face, but they can see the illumination projecting out from within you as you rise. Continue to shine and walk in grace!

  10. Hey Ralph Smart from Barbados we are vacationing. We will never give into the matrix. We living our truth. Having fun 😊

  11. Most ppl are the walking dead… that’s true. Many ppl called me wise beyond at a young age.

  12. Peace reflections. Don’t let small minded people affect your being

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