966: An Excerpt From “Reimagined” by Barbara Rapaport on Why Detachment Isn’t Always Bad

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Barbara Rapaport shares an excerpt from her book titled, "Reimagined"

Episode 966: An Excerpt From "Reimagined" by Barbara Rapaport on Why Detachment Isn't Always Bad

All her life, Barbara Rapaport had been struggling to reconcile two sides of her personality: the one who felt compelled to remain behind the scenes and the one who gave herself permission to stand in the spotlight. In this candid and emotionally true memoir, Rapaport recounts her harrowing experience battling a rare form of cancer. The story of Rapaport’s suffering as a result of her cancer surgery, and subsequent prolonged recovery, reveals that the tyranny of her physical pain wasn’t the worst of what she had to endure. Rather, it served as a smokescreen for an even greater agony – that neither of her personas, the quiet good girl nor the successful warrior deserved to live.With extraordinary self-awareness, Reimagined toggles back and forth between Rapaport’s adult cancer journey and the childhood trauma that gave rise to these false beliefs. Her story beautifully illustrates a truth many of us live with: that our childhood demons are never very far away. But with courage and fortitude we can gain the perspective necessary to acquire what’s long avoided us: radical self-acceptance.

More about the book can be found here: https://www.amazon.com/Reimagined-Barbara-Rapaport/dp/1736342002

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