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See The Future? – The Biorhythm

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    • @Lil Pooh Webb keep your head up God closed a door cause he has something better for us keep pushing forward see u in a yacht soon💯🙌

  1. I feel it coming everything for me has just become easy like stress free they say when your manifestation is about to happen things will of a sudden become easy

  2. Most of my family stopped reaching out to me when they saw I was marketing my business, but I am still growing!!!!!

    • Thats good your still going👍🏾I’m starting to notice certain people acting differently around me . I’ll still keep pushing! 💯🙌🏾

    • Same here. I had to call the person back who told me this and apologize. They were not lying. These people flipped the other way on me even now. I couldn’t understand then but now I do. Keep going and keep elevating.✊

    • Same here. I had to call the person back who told me this and apologize. They were not lying. These people flipped the other way on me even now. I couldn’t understand then but now I do. Keep going and keep elevating.✊


  3. When others begin to cast doubt and hate, take it as a sign you’re leveling up. There are two types of people who will say you can’t make it: those who are afraid to try themselves, and those who are afraid you will succeed. 💯

  4. Don’t be afraid to start over, you’re not starting from scratch – you’re starting from experience. ✌🏽

  5. Bro you really dope and the craziest thing is that you are really chosen‼️ how do I know? Because I am you! I am chosen and I know this, I don’t just think it. Every time I even have signs and confirmations come my way or even have circumstances pop up, your videos always resonate at that exact some time and that’s not by chance. Keep it up bro, we will connect in the physical one day

  6. You definitely right about taking sacrifices , i had to learn that the hard way in order to become successful.

  7. Until 5 Signs the Last days i started celebrating my Life now i understand people treat me nice i couldnt believe that people want to do Business with me.iam very happy right now.

  8. Oh yea Big Bruh Tren I’ve been crossing paths with celebrities for years now and recently people have bee just coming up to me wanting to meet me then compliment me on my spirit/personality. God is doing some thangs behind the scenes; thank you for another great on point video nuthin but love for ya King ❤️🙏🏽❤️🙏🏽❤️🙏🏽

  9. My family members been walked out on me and I’m not successful. 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️

  10. The popularity sign resonates with me for sure people are starting to Attach themselves to me like a magnet it’s crazy

  11. almost all signs resonate with me….def, meeting, running into celebrities, all my life I have ( I am now 47), people of high-frequency and high-energy asking to collaborate with me, inviting me to participate in their events or even writing a book( that is the most recent of amazing news), now my story is on Amazon…and I am writing my 2nd book thanks to that particular person who asked me to be part of her journey. People throwing shades at me….almost every other week on social media and out in public, for many years it used to bother me, not anymore…lol..I have grown so much thanks to the slander and backlash….it humbles you and gives you this inner peace and tranquility and fire to keep going. I wish I were in a loving and caring relationship…but yes, still single and celibate actually since last year, the longest I have stayed away from sex so far in all my years of being active. I also celebrate any small wins and I celebrate me so very often. Thanks Tren Stay blessed and safe travels to Las Vegas!

  12. My adopted family completely cut me off since I have left Kansas City and moved to Texas no phone call or nothing I’m actually glad they don’t their negativity is thicker than a loaf of bread I now live around all of my birth family and they are extremely successful and positive

    • Why were you adopted since you had family? I am just curious asking from a good place

    • @Candice Dice could be the mother and had no reliable guardian to take her in… either way she a star seed and she is big time! ❤️

  13. Thank you 💝 one of of the saddest things is, when your own husband is in competition with you. And you think you are working together twords a plan, and you realize that he’s sabotaging everything. How sad. Wow you are very wise. I really appreciate your content. It hits home. Keep it up. 🌟🤠👍💝🥂 I need you.

    • Wow…you have to break away💔Sadly…that’s Crazy!

  14. Tren I feel like it’s close friends distant themself from me also. I’m talking friends I known for 10, 20 years. They don’t even comment on my channel at all and congratulate me. Very sad

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