7 Signs THEY Are NOT A CHOSEN ONE😈(Friends, Family, Relationships)

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7 Signs THEY Are NOT A CHOSEN ONE😈(Friends, Family, Relationships)

You ever wonder if you friends, family, or people who you are in relationships with are the chosen ones like your are? Watch this video and I will expose all the deceptacons for who they really are. DO NOT be deceived by these people, they want your light, energy, and vibration.

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  1. Clicked faster than a star seed getting a txt saying $3000 was just deposited in your account.

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    • trent what does it mean when your being yourself & feel like you being yourself. & people say & swear your not or being someone else

  3. I know exactly what you mean I know this guy always lecturing me about saving money exercising every day those are all good things but not if is forced upon you I love myself and I take care of myself I just want to get out of this situation

  4. Omg,,, It’s the TITLE for Me… I have to take a DEEP Breath before Pressing Play..🤦‍♀️🦋🙏🏾👑🤗🥰💫

  5. “You have to have a vision in this world in order to keep livin” daaaaamn

  6. This will make people think and start weeding out the negative vibes. And embrace the positive vibes only 💯 Take note of who is around through the hard part of reaching your goals and Take note who “magically” appear in your life after your goal is accomplished and you’re successful.

  7. It’s like you know my life this is what I used to go through everyday until I start getting rid of ppl one by one it’s too much

  8. My family treats me like that. My Sisters and my Brothers and my Parents and some of my Cousins. I have a vision and I am determined and focused on my vision. I have a mission and I am determined to achieved it. I am greatly inspired and will not let my family members get in my way. I love them all, but I must continue on my successful journey. I even have one that lives with me that try to gaslight me, but I do not fall for their games. I will not allow them to steal my energy or my confidence, because I know who I am. I am independent and I have a vision. I sense all their deception from all of them, they are all about deception. I am great and know who I am. I will build successfully and continue to stay focused on my journey successfully.

  9. Being alone can be cleansing and therapeutic!

  10. This sounds like my parents lol. I guess at this point, they don’t want to be the chosen ones. Still love’m tho 💯

  11. I have some decepticons in my family. I keep my distance. 1-4-2021(Mon.)

  12. Bless up my brother Trin looking good keep inspiring us it’s a blessing.

  13. Thank you for this great message! You just confirmed a decision about someone who always tries to use, but never ever supports or reciprocates. Bye bye!

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