7 Reasons Why Your Spiritual Awakening May Suddenly Stop

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Why your spiritual awakening has stopped?

No matter what level of consciousness or level of spiritual awakening you have reached, there will come a time during your spiritual journey where you will know and feel that you have made great internal improvements and then suddenly… nothing.

In this video, we talk about 7 of the main reasons why your spiritual awakening may come to a sudden stop.

Based on the article by Spiritualify: https://blog.spiritualify.com/7-reasons-why-your-spiritual-awakening-may-suddenly-stop/

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Intro – 0:00
You need healing – 1:34
You have developed an over-inflated sense of self – 2:21
You are angry – 3:25
You are frustrated with the current world status – 3:51
You have fallen back into old patterns of behaviors – 4:50
You are not listening to your heart – 5:30
You still think that you are unworthy – 6:18

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  1. I was in this exact situation one year ago and was experiencing almost all of the things mentioned above, luckily I managed to restart my spiritual awakening. Thank you for sharing these beautiful advice

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