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  1. My God you took the words out of my mind. I’m right on time. Let it rain

  2. TRUST IN GOD but also do the work ♥️ you can live abundantly but you must first believe in your craft and then keep going. I talk about discovering your life’s purpose in my videos and you can achieve great wealth when you work in your purpose. You are chosen and you can have whatever you desire

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  4. Lol I been winning my scratch offs i been happy for my lottery wins!!!

    Omggg i sleep like ish………

    I prefer the night time i like to make wishes on random stars.

  5. Trenis I wake up at 2 or 3 o’clock every morning bro I just jump straight up 💪🏽💪🏽

  6. Bro this whole video speaks volumes and believe it or not 2020 is a blessing in disguise that people don’t realize you just have too see through the matrix

  7. Yes I took the last 3.00 on a scratch off and won $100.00 just yesterday and you did this video today WOW God is making me Rich I’ve been having major insomnia

  8. Sending love as the strongest vibration to everyone!!

    I have received all 7 signals! Super excited

  9. What if people just coming out of nowhere asking to borrow money from you ? Could that be another sign ? I was thinking maybe I was the answer to their prayers .

  10. When I was younger I lost my Debt card someone spent $150 dollars at a gas station.

  11. This is a major confirmation. I literally Am sitting here thinking about this money coming in from my project and how. I just tuned into TMH about my question. It just came to me of how money actually comes. I was actually trying to figure out how to play my YouTube while working. I asked for a confirmation and while fiddling around YouTube audio controls. I used your vid as a tester but stopped doing everything I was doing because you were talking about what I just had a conversation with TMH about. You are talking to me right now in the heat of the moment, no lie.

    I love you so much for hitting on this two days in a row pound for pound and throughout the past week on the subject. In tears right now this is hitting so hard. Already got over the people who have fallen off. TMH was all over me cutting some family and friends off, I just started a brand new project, and am closing out the first one that pays me any moment now. 🙏🏽 Wow 😳

    Tren, love you 😘 . I know we will connect at some point soon. I appreciate you 💞

    Love, Abundance, Prosperity, Money 💰

    Dua Asé Asé Asé

    Crown On 👑

  12. Yesterday a couple hours ago, i send my friends to do groceries for me, one of them offered btw. But i give him my atm card with pincode. But i messed up 2 times because they already tried 2 times and then they came back and i gave them the wrong pincode again. I just couldent picture it, my picode. I just forgot my pincode. Gues money is coming in.

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