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  1. Such a beautiful place where you stay 🙏🏾 I am going to live in a nice area like that one day ☮️🙏🏾 I am owning my purpose daily. You can live in your purpose through your gift. You have something unique to give to the world 🌎💕❤️

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  3. 🔥The synchronicities dont stop💥💯
    Everytime i think about something u make a video about it 😆. It happened on numerous occasions👍🏾!
    Rock on boo!❤

  4. Like bro I’m a YouTube entrepreneur bro love giving people positive energy bro showing everybody cool materials things I love people bro

  5. Then to know god and the universe will let you know when you on the right track

  6. For anyone seeing this that feels like they have no purpose or feel like having a purpose isn’t true we just have to pray for them and wish they truly find what they truly desire in life because to believe you have no purpose means you are truly lost. Blessings to you all and nothing but the best to all of you. We are all here for something trust the process and you’ll find it. Great video Tren thanks again.

  7. I Have Really Been Trying To Start My Purpose Its Been Tough But Its Going To Work Out!

  8. Hey Tren, Yes what a blessing it is to know my Purpose. It’s changed my life. I do wanna talk to you though. Gotta sign up. Bout to send u a cashapp for being so positive thank u💙💙

  9. I’m always blessed whenever I listened to your video…You just gave me a perfect and accurate answer to my question💯✅…You are indeed a blessing Tren. Thanks bro❤❤💋

  10. Thanks big bro! I needed to hear this today.. Sometimes I lose being thankful on this journey, but things could be worse, I could have a job!

  11. I agree that especially when I was working at a job. I was working so hard and all the money I was making was going to my car and my bills.
    I would always wonder where is my money going. I would say okay maybe I need to work harder but that wasn’t the case. The problem was I wasn’t feeding my body the correct nutrients and that was singing.

    And there was a feeling inside telling me that I needed to do something different. And I knew I was made to be a singer but I was always running from my purpose or I wasn’t doing the thing that made me happy because I wanted to make money right away so I would go straight to working a job..

    I agree that when I started my purpose at the end of last year. And when you find your purpose you feel like you are in a whole different world. Your soul just feels so good when you living your dreams your future self will definitely thank you for it..❤️❤️

  12. “YOU would love it more than finding a wife, husband girlfriend or boyfriend” Preachh trennnn

  13. Once you live your purpose, you will attract everything that’s meant for you. Stay positive and show gratitude for all of your blessings ☘️

  14. 1) If you are loving to work effortlessly whatever it is.
    2) whatever you doing it could never go wrong. A bad situation will workout in your favour.
    3) If you are making money out of it very easily.
    4) You awaken to whole new you in past some years just because you tapped into your purpose.
    5) you experience a little bit of opposition around you. People despise you.
    6) No longer you will be frustrated. You will love life everyday. You will see everything you get as a gift. Life would be sweet.

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