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  1. I see them every single day and when I see them I immediately look up what the numbers mean and take mental notes

    • @Rebecca Dewitt from what I just research the number 27 symbolizes compassion, humanitarian, cooperation, tolerance and philanthropy… 30 is for creativity and your ability to creatively solve problems and 35 is for expressive capabilities… I didn’t know what the specific numbers you asked mean until I researched

    • @Chelsea Brown thank you! I have never ask anyone on social media, but you! But cause I trust you!


  3. Bombarded with synchronicities 24/7, psychic and intuitive to the T

  4. i see synchronicities every single day all tha time everywhere

    • @Lamp Lighter thanks i appreciate tht something i definitely need to keep in mind👏🏾

    • @Lamp Lighter Ima take heed to this advice I have been feeling this to be true. I am alone now always!

    • Same and some days there’s a theme. Right now it’s been 1111 111 & 888

    • Virtual hugs for my brothers and sisters. We are truly not alone. May these good vibes reach you wherever you. You are loved.

  5. I see syncroninicities every single say 👁 its good to be LISTENING!! 👂 to your video Tren Love and Good Energy to you and all the beautiful souls out there 💙❤💖💫💥✌ have a spectacular day 🌈🌞

  6. Yessssssss🙌🏾
    I have physic abilities 🙏🏾
    This happens to me all the time
    I can tell who’s with me and who’s against me 🙏🏾🙏🏾

  7. I see far too many to count!!! No one else around seem to notice! 😳😂🌹💗

  8. I have always been the black sheep of the family.but now I am delivered from that praise God.

  9. I see signs all day everyday of the week . Even in movies , tv shows . Etc . I have psychic abilities. I always read ppl minds . I never knew how powerful I was until I tapped in .

  10. I been putting my life in perspective lately and it’s so damn crazy because I realized my existence is a story and my life story is a piece of history. I ain’t manifest myself in this reality during these times for nothing in here to do something inspiring that changes tha world💯🙇🏾‍♂️

    • Yesss! I had to realize that once, I chose to be here and during these times for a reason!

  11. Shout out to all my divine beings living in ABUNDANCE, LOVE, PEACE , PROSPERITY, and POSITIVITY 🧏🏾‍♂️🙇🏾‍♂️

  12. I was planning to buy a mini fridge all this week for this Friday, tomorrow, and somehow today my building gave me a mini fridge out of no where without me even asking. Small thing but very grateful coincidence.

    • Congrats!!!🎈🎈🎉🎉🎊🎊Nice!!! The universe heard you. And source has many ways to bring you what you desire.

    • Happened to me I got a free screen door from my apt just from thinking and saying I need one !

    • Yes I would be thinking of something and it would just happen like one time I was thinking to my self that I needed a Wednesday off because I wanted to catch up on the show sistas… so my boss gave me that Wednesday off. Normally I dont ever have Wednesdays off

  13. Yess and people say that I’m scaring them…When i know things before they happen, everything you saying….on point!! Lil brother…❤💕
    Soul….Family 🤗😘

  14. People noticed the synchronization around me and people get scared how well I can read people. Its a blessing

  15. Meek Mill – Believe
    “Laws of attraction you just think I’m rappin, I’m putting out the energy so I can grab it”

  16. Meek mill “ laws of attraction you just think I’m rapping , I’m just putting out the energy so I can grab it, everything that’s in my memories that I imagined , it’s finally here..a 100 million in a year”

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