5th Dimension Guided Meditation for Light Body Activation & Ascension (Light Body Meditation)

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This 5th dimension guided meditation has been created for light body activation & ascension. ✅To purchase the full MP3➡️https://www.youniversetribe.com/store/products/140
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Your light body is your vehicle to take you from your physical experience to the true source of your existence. In activating this light body, you will most likely experience an observable difference in your thoughts, feeling states and physical reality as you begin to connect with your abilities that relate to fifth dimension manifestation – a product of ascending to your higher self.

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Your “light body” is the breath of life, giving you the power to heal yourself on all levels and manifest in dynamic ways. 5D manifesting happens when you become the fuller version of yourself, expanding beyond any borders you may have once identified with. Using this guided meditation often will help you develop the skill of entering the meditative 5th dimension state more easily. Click Here to Subscribe to My New Frequency Meditation Music Channel ➡️ https://www.youtube.com/c/youryouniversemeditationmusic
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  1. *✅Recommended Video: How to Expand Your Consciousness to Another Dimension ➡**https://youtu.be/wrQFrU3qEWU*

  2. What are the benefits of this meditation idk

    Edit : no worries I read the description

  3. Along my journey I have come to realize the true power within us – that we are infinite and immortal spiritual beings having a human experience. Guided affirmations have helped me along my journey quite a lot. Highly recommend them for activating dormant dna and greater aspects of ourselves. It’s time to move beyond our limitations and into more of our higher selves.
    Thank you!

  4. Dr. Connor, you are an earthly blessing.
    From 2016🙏
    The cadence, flow, tone, and pitch of your voice and words had assisted in my flow state when listening to your video’s.
    Blessings and light to you Dr. Connor.

    • @Your Youniverse Dr. Connor, your Metaphysics knowledge is fascinating. How may those of us interested in your opinion and research learn more?

      To use the words of Mr. Doyle’s character; all be it shortened, ” whatever remains however improbable must be the truth. ”

      That is Metaphysics to me.

  5. I just liked the video and I’m the 111 like 🙌🏽 Thank you I really needed this video today.

  6. Thank you so much for this BEAUTIFUL meditation..🙏🌹🌈

    💞Se THANK YOU 🙏

  7. Thank You so much for your grace and ease in all you share. I am so grateful for your presence. This may be my favorite of your meditations, and that’s saying a lot cause I love all of them! Thanks again

  8. This is what I needed honestly how do u guys know I needed this? it’s crazy 😂

  9. Just bumped into this guided meditation after having a challenging day. This broke my cycle of ruminating on the challenges and allowed me to break into a new cycle of thought where answers came more easily and in abundance! Thank you!

  10. What a beautiful and effortless meditation! So easy to feel the golden and white lights aswell as the pyramides! Thank you so much!!

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