5 Secret Government Programs We Now Know Were Real

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Secret government programs are often quickly dismissed as fringe conspiracy theories, yet history shows us that sometimes they are real.

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  1. Shououts to the enlightened who have ascended and made contact with the others by raising their own frequencies. Keep doing good and spreading the vibes ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿค™

  2. Psychic/Spiritual exploits are likely to be the most viable options moving forward, In a techno-fascist era as illustrated by the dark side of this newly & generally misinterpreted aquarian age. But whoโ€™s master plan are we dancing to? Choose wisely.

  3. Conspiracy should not be dismissed. The word just has a bad rep right now because most are most likely true. Come back JFK all is forgiven

  4. Well smartphone is our spie dewice, technology wo spiritual walues is train to 1dirextion.

  5. Other secrets may are that we are already on the moon, mars, anf aroung the galaxy,, in different many planets,,

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