5 Powerful Things Rich People Do That You Should Know About | Ken Honda

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In this video, Ken Honda shares 5 things he learned that rich people do to make more money and increase their wealth. You’ll be surprised to learn that these five things are very simple and very actionable. For example, rich people love talking about money. They enjoy money conversations. This is different from ordinary people who fear talking about money.

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About Ken Honda:

✅Ken Honda is Japan’s most recognizable and influential money teacher. Fondly known as the ‘Zen Millionaire’ in his home country – and known to some as the Marie Kondo of personal finance – Ken has penned 58 books, which have sold millions of copies and been translated into 15 languages.

✅Ken spent most of his early life committed to understanding humanity’s relationship with money – and how to leverage it to create a life of prosperity, peace, and happiness. By 29, he had built multiple successful businesses and achieved financial freedom.

✅Next, he began studying over 12,000 self-made millionaires in Japan, while being mentored by the late Wahei Takeda (the ‘Warren Buffett of Japan’).

✅Ken’s life experiences helped him understand the connection between the world’s richest, happiest, and most fulfilled people: Building sustainable wealth was less about Money IQ (business and investment strategies) and more about Money EQ (our emotional intelligence surrounding money).

✅Ken shares this revelation – and how anyone can raise their Money EQ – through high-end coaching and events around the world. And now, through the Money EQ Program, he hopes to spread the truth about money to even more people, and empower them with a lifetime of abundance and prosperity.

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What You’ll Learn:

Are these 7 money beliefs holding you back? – Take this quick fire quiz to find out which beliefs you need to disrupt today to see an immediate rise in your levels of wealth.

3 surprising things self-made millionaires put their trust in – After surveying 12,000 millionaires, Ken reveals the 3 unexpected golden threads that contributed most to their success.

How to find the right balance between Money IQ vs Money EQ – Discover what really determines long-term wealth, and why some of the smartest people in the world lose money as quickly as they earn it.

Does the ‘Money Monster’ have a grip on your finances? – Heal one of the biggest money wounds that has left many paralyzed by fear… Could this mental model be responsible for keeping you stuck or even in debt?

Why earning more will never make you feel rich – Instead, learn how to adopt the ‘abundance on demand’ mindset that will quickly shift you towards a more wealthy, prosperous and secure reality.
Ascend to Level 3 of Wealth Perception – Learn how to radically shift your outlook on wealth so you can start experiencing life where you’re practically ‘breathing in money.’.

Identify your Money EQ type – We all have hidden childhood stories in our minds that are running our relationship with money – often with disastrous effects. Discover what yours are and how to permanently heal them.

“Arigato Your Money” – Discover the secret technique investor Wahei Takeda used that fundamentally transformed his relationship with money and helped immortalize him as the ‘Warren Buffett of Japan’.

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  2. The best career advice that I learned is don’t ever attach your-self to a PERSON, a place, a company, an organization or a project. Only Attach your-self to your mission in life and your PURPOSE. That’s how you keep your power and keep your peace!

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  3. Relationships are the number asset they should protect! 😃

  4. *If you are reading this, never ever give up. We will succeed. I’m cheering for you!*

    Have a great day! 🖤You have to fight through the worst days of your life to get to the best days of your life.

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  5. *”You are one desicion away from a totally diffrent life.”*

  6. When something is important to you enough, you will do it inspite of the fear.
    *-Elon Musk*

  7. Nicely said and very understandable teaching sir I believe trading its a game of profit or loss in order to be at the winning side its really advice – able to seek guidance from a trading expert who really knows the in and out of the trading market to avoid you wasting your time and money when not trading with the right strategy.

  8. Key Takeaways –
    They always talk about money.
    They take risks.
    They love calculation.
    They think long term.
    They love relationships.


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