365 Days Of Self Love

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The book Teal is holding in this video is "Shadows Before Dawn": https://tealswan.com/books/shadows-before-dawn-r3/

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  1. I did this years ago after watching Teal’s self love video. I did it for a full year and now I still do it.

    • @___Rare___ β€’ 4 hours ago I asked myself “What would someone who loved themselves do”? I no longer have the same toxic relationship. I work for myself now, instead of a boss and having co-workers. I still ask myself this question all the time and it still serves me well. I am moving on August 11th because of this question.

  2. I do not even know what is self love ?
    Each time i ask myself this i really don’t know what should I do !

  3. I tried this twice and gave up, ok!! this is the third time I am seeing this, I’ll stick to the self love part at least,even if I can’t do the “what would someone who loved themselves do”, sometimes I don’t get any answer to the question “what would someone who loved themselves do?”

  4. Good morning, Teal thank you for the video. 365 days of loving me. It would be hard I sound like you should I keep my job or quit it.

  5. This is challenging, I think I would quit my job, and eat lots of peanut butter 🀣

  6. Fear is the poison; Self love is the antidote. Don’t go down the path if that path does not have heart.

  7. I do it whenever I have to make a decision quickly but can’t find alignment in myself and it’s great.

  8. I’ve been doing this for a few years now and let me tell you:
    Self Love is the greatest power

  9. I did this 3 years ago.. It’s still one of the best things I have done in my entire life and I tell my friends to do it too. My self esteem leveled up. Doing it for 365 days means it becomes a habit. So you keep doing it subconsciously even after the challenge ends and it literally changes the whole course of your life. Now that I’ve watched this video I’m leveling up the game now.

  10. RIGHT, exactly. From beginning to end, of this VIDEO. And it burns us out, slowly. <3.

  11. unluckiest person on earth… I can’t love myself, neither people can love me.

  12. This is where I’m at right now. I’m starting small and building my way up to the big things as I grow in confidence.

  13. It’s a good idea, the problem is that most people think self love is decadence. Self love is fitness, maintenance, work, self-investment, taking risks, and eating healthy foods. The thinking part takes care of itself if the body is disciplined.

  14. Wow, this is huge
    Thank you, Teal πŸ’œπŸ’žπŸ’œπŸ’žπŸ’œ

  15. That is good advise an extra chalange while being treated inhumanly denied daylight for months after just wanting to live a life helping life grow, tho still good advise, since life needs love that is like that of butterflys in all reality. Growing up being treated with craulity as many people are in some way or another, proper care for life or ones own life is not taught often so healthy and happy living is rare. Possible tho rare and many are afraid of change or hate change, tho even hate is a part of change. The present builds the future, mindfulness is valid, tho not often apreciated for a number of reasons. While others are bizzy hating and hurting. I hope life is apreciated like butterflys until there is some fair. Good day to you Teal and non hurtful people 🌿🌈☯️

  16. Thing that is preventing me from doing this is the association I have with this question.
    I get stuck even on small questions. Because one part of me thinks that I should not let myself be that free about my decisions and I don’t trust myself.
    So, when somebody ask themselves what would somebody who loves themselves do, they can have different association with that sentence.
    Dependending on somebodys life experience.
    Can somebody describe me how they think about this

  17. When I did this, I realized I had never known what someone does that loves themselves… so I had to explore deeper and find out HOW DO I LEARN TO LOVE MYSELF and then those questions became easier and easierπŸ•‰

  18. I had a lot of doubt in which career path I needed to take. I asked myself this question every day in 2020; the answer was always to study programming.

    At first, I had a lot of fear and resentment of this answer, but every single time I took action to study, I felt a little bit better.

    One year later, I’ve got the offer from one of the FAANG companies as a software engineer (with a lot of healing and manifestation techniques done to achieve this as well). I didn’t know why I had to study something so arduous and time-consuming at the time, but following my intuition was the right choice in retrospect.

    Thank you so much for your gift, Teal!

  19. Over a year or so ago I watched one of your videos and this was a question you mentioned. I asked myself that question over a couple days and decided to key it into my phone/calendar reminder alarm tones. It’s been going off every day since, 6am. Back then I was listing things. Now I have only one answer. “This” πŸ™

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