3 Tips to Improve Your Meditation Practice from Matteo Pistono

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Maybe these meditation questions sound familiar:

• I always get distracted in meditation. What can I do?
• How should I sit to meditate? Or, can I lie down?
• What if I fall asleep during my meditation?

In this video, meditation teacher Matteo Pistono answers these frequently asked questions to help you improve your meditation practice.

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  1. Thank you, this was helpful. When it comes to the thoughts and letting them go is my problem. I’m an observant person that always seems to be analyzing or problem solving. It even interferes with falling asleep. My brain never stops. That’s why I thought meditation could be helpful as I truly desire to do this. I’ve never been able to. Can’t stop my brain. The thought doesn’t pass and go away, it causes the next thought and then the next. I’m ready to give up, but know it could be so beneficial and know I missing out by not being able to have that connection.

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