3 Signs You are Leading a Successful Life – MUST WATCH | Swami Mukundananda

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How Do you Know if your Definition of Success is Right?
What are the signs through which you know you are Leading a Successful Life?

Success is a common aspiration of everyone. However, when your definition of success isn't correct, you may not achieve fulfillment in life. Watch more to find out as Swami Mukundananda explains the one thing you need to get it right to succeed in life.

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About Swami Mukundananda:

Swami Mukundananda is a renowned spiritual leader, philosopher, visionary, author, and humanitarian. He is the founder of the yogic system called “JKYog.” Swamiji is a unique sanyasi (in the renounced order of life), with distinguished degrees in Engineering and Management from two world-famous Institutes in India, IIT and IIM. He is a senior disciple of Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj.

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  1. The definition of my success is to develop divine love for God 💝☘✔
    ●To be the best that I can be
    ●To do the best that I can be
    ●To feel the best that i can be

  2. Now today I realised that what is the defination of success 1 you wish To be good 2, you wish To feel good 3 you wish
    to do good

  3. Grateful to Swami Mukundananda for keeping our attention on what is meaningful in life, on developing love for the Divine. To be good, to do good, to feel good. I can relate to that. You?

  4. I’ve completed my class 11, and I’ve started watching swamiji’s videos from my class 10. Swamiji ‘s every word has a deep rooted meaning in them!!.☺️

  5. Very peaceful and full of spirituality. Jay Jagannath 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  6. Success is something that will remind you that you are not just working for yourself in the world

  7. Creating love to god is Success 🙏
    When ever I watching,swamijis lectures…..love towards god is automatically created in my mind
    Radhe krishna🙏

  8. My definition of success- ‘fullfil my duties as a human being in the path of Dharma ‘

  9. My defination of success is that I will reach at that point in life where i give any thing to my parents and loved ones that they wants…

  10. Excellent lecture on the meaning of success! Very inspiring and elevating to hear such wisdom!

  11. From nowards my Definition of success is – To be good, To do good,and to feel good.
    *Swamiji* make a video on ,How to feel good?

  12. My definition of success: To Follow the Property duty Like Parents has duty for her children children to parents and vise versa

  13. I can say you make as a human in my world Swami ji.. I use to be very angry, greedy and many more faults in me . Now I starts to listen from six months and I am feeling better in my relationships and also my english is improving here … Thanku Swami ji 🙏🙏

  14. Hw many of you know the title track of Mahabharata…”Hai katha sangraam ki”…..it’s very soothing right !!!
    … Thank you Swamiji🙏🏻
    Jai shri krishna🙏🏻

  15. My definition of success to reach Lord Krishna, to feel his presence all the time even in my dreams and to improve my bhakti/ devotion towards lotus feet of my Lord Krishna🙏

  16. To be able to help or serve unconditionally to the needy or deprived who is not expecting your help & after that the smile on their face inculcate the gratitude towards GOD, is Success for me..Thanks a Ton SWAMI Ji for the divine guidance.

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