257: Should I Try to Meet Someone and Have a Baby in Case I Regret Not Doing it Later – Honoring…

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Greg Audino answers a listener's question about whether or not they should try to have a baby in case they regret not doing so later.

Episode 257: Should I Try to Meet Someone and Have a Baby in Case I Regret Not Doing it Later – Honoring Life's Phases

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One Comment

  1. The quick answer is No, this woman should not have a child. There was a lot of beating around the bush here so let’s be a little direct.
    This woman is fighting the same fight independent women will come up against in future, it’s called biology. Continuing their family legacy and having children is very natural. However, this woman is single for a reason, she doesn’t know selflessness to a partner, she doesn’t want to build with someone or have to be limited by them. She needs to own that prospective and if she does, more power to her.
    Her lifestyle and choices don’t make her parent or partnership worthy because partnerships are about the good and the bad, as well as putting dreams on hold or changing your dream to align or creating a new dream with the other person.
    This woman should definitely not find someone just for children, adopt or sperm donate. It would compound her independence into raw selfishness, the child will suffer, the other person will suffer and she will suffer. Also if you’re deciding this now when you’ve had 20 years to have a family, it’s probably not the right choice.
    Don’t give up your independence to rely on the government or someone you don’t love. Continue on your own and be happy, if you find yourself miserable, seek counseling to get past it. You can volunteer or foster, have an impact that way.

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