25 Life Lessons from the Anglo-Saxons

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The Durham Proverbs
The proverbs are considered to have been used to document everyday business of the people of Anglo-Saxon England.

The Exeter Book
This is the largest (and perhaps oldest) known collection of Old English poetry/literature still in existence.

Narrated by: Nicky Rebelo

Music: Voice of an Angel 3 Alexander Nakarada
Voice of an Angel 2 Alexander Nakarada

Further reading: https://aclerkofoxford.blogspot.com/p/old-english-wisdom.html

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  1. *Dear Friend, “You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending…” ―C. S. Lewis. Stay positive*

  2. Just watched a video talking about how “instant gratification” is a weakness. First quote here: If you seek happiness, master the art of patience, for this is half the battle.

    This day is just getting better.

    • @Bruce Roberts he could read a bedtime story or Jane Austin and you could totally change who youd think the protagonist was base Don the way his tone reads and tells you “hey you know the right thing that needs to be done here” regardless of the storyline.

    • @Frankie Hahaha! Not so good if someone who sounds this trustworthy is actually a corrupt politician. But perhaps someone like him wouldn’t be corrupt?

  3. In ancient eastern traditions, ‘a guru’ would firstly test the integrity of their ‘students’ before disseminating knowledge to them because students had to be worthy enough to earn it. It’s the same philosophy as the third one you shared in this video.

  4. 0:44 ”The voices of our greatest teachers are always available for counsel, should you call upon them.”

  5. “Blessed is the man who trusts in the LORD, And whose hope is the LORD.”Jeremiah 17:7

  6. [1:44] “Drinking mead only leaves you with a greater thirst, we are seldom satisfied by the external”

    Very powerful.

  7. In the midst of the darkness, know that you are the light! Shine brighter 🔥🌟😇

  8. Looking forward to when you do one all of Solomon! I know it’s coming 😄

    Grateful for these! Keep doing great work 👊

  9. “The love that lasts longest
    Is the love that is
    never returned.”
    Somerset Maugham

  10. “I never was struck before
    That hour with love so
    Sudden and so sweet.
    Her face it bloomed like a
    Sweet flower and stole my
    Heart away compleat.”
    – John Clare.

  11. “I am always ready to learn
    although I do not always
    like being taught.”

    – Winston Churchill.

  12. “The highest reward for a
    person’s toil is not
    what they get for it, but
    what they become
    by it.”
    – John Ruskin.

  13. “You’re braver than you believe,
    stronger than you seem,
    and smarter than you think.”
    – A. A. Milne.

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