24 Norse Life Rules (Lessons From the Vikings)

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Life rules are based on the Hávamál, a collection of old Norse poems from the Viking age. Read the original here: https://sites.pitt.edu/~dash/havamal.html

Written by RedFrost Motivation

Narrated by Nicky Rebelo

Music: Viking Sword by Marcus Bressler

Note: All credit goes to the authors and creators. Some links may result in financial compensation.


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  1. If they stand behind you, give them protection
    If they stand beside you, give them respect
    If they stand in front of you, Show, NO MERCY

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  3. 0:38 ”As one candle can light another, so too can greatness of mind be transferred amongst men.”

  4. “Throw me to the WOLVES and I will return leading the pack.”
    – Seneca.

    • @Lucas Respekt Author unknown. Goodreads says it’s from the Hunger Games. But Seneca sure as hell didn’t have such a corny “this is Sparta” attitude. Internet is rife with fake quotes. People just come up with something, and stick a famous name to it so it goes viral. As Julius Caesar always said: “Question everything you read online, bro.”

    • “Which death is preferable
      to every other?
      The unexpected.”
      – Julius Caesar.

  5. So powerful! I always hope my ancestors send me strength. Thank you for this❣️

    • It doesn’t make sense to hope that.

      You should be able to generate your own strength the way they did and everyone else is.

      At most, you should be asking for strength from the Creator a.k.a. God who created strength and can always create more for whatever purpose He wants

    • @EriPages I do have strength of my own. I’m just saying I hope my ancestors are always with me.

    • @Kristan Dagley Why not hope God is with you as a primary instead of deceased ancestors?

    • @EriPages I stay out of religious conversations….I feel very close to my ancestors. This shouldn’t be such an issue. This is one of my favorite channels and I said nothing that would hurt anyone. If you are searching to poke at someone, try someone else.

  6. “Stand by your own trial and not by what others say.” ~ Gudmundur Jonsson 💪🏻🚀

  7. “When the snows fall and
    the white winds blow,
    the lone wolf dies
    but the pack survives.”

  8. “For the strength of the pack
    is the Wolf, and the strength
    of the Wolf is the pack.”

  9. Awesome reader, awesome quotes. Where did you guys find these? Any good Viking book recommendations that go along with these quotes?

  10. “It is better to suffer once
    than to be in perpetual
    – Julius Caesar.

  11. “What is best in life?” “To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamination of their women.” – Conan the Barbarian

  12. P.S. I Must Admit…These Viking Wisdom Rules are Good to Live by. Thank You for Sharing.

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