22 Everyday Signs Your Angels Attempting To Reach You

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Did you know, your Guides and Angels are always with you? That's right, they're constantly sending you love and support, and they're always trying to reach out to you to give you guidance.

One of the ways in which they try to communicate their angelic messages is through signs. And there are 22 everyday signs that you might be experiencing on a regular basis without thinking much of it.

But that's the point, without understanding that some of these seemingly unsuspecting and ordinary things are signs, you may not pick up on them and therefore not pick up on the message that your Angels are trying to send you.

Here are the 22 signs you should be looking out for every single day (watch til the end for a special bonus sign)…

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  1. Yes I have experienced all the 22 signs but angel bumps scared me that it could be a negative energy but now I am tension free that they are the angels. Thank you Elizabeth

  2. I did a meditation outside this summer and asked what blessing were coming my way. I heard I would get a blessing in 3 weeks. Sure enough, exactly 3 weeks later, I saw the most brilliant rainbow from my backyard.

  3. Thank you so much for putting out this video on signs. I believe mine have been reaching out and many of the examples you gave are accurate for me. ❀️

  4. Elizabeth for me you are an angel for bringing me this interesting information. lots of love n blessings from Pakistan

  5. Happy rising beautiful Elizabeth and al. All and most of those signs I already get. I made a pact with my dad before he died to communicate through quarters and he does . Love to all the are always talking to us.

  6. I’ve been seeing numbers lately quiet often. I know I’m guided and supported by my divine angels and spirit guides. Thank you so much for the light And Love β€οΈπŸ™πŸ½βœ¨

  7. I believe a sign that wasn’t mentioned is a hummingbird that has been coming everyday for a while, and then another one starting coming. It use to flutter right in front of my door to make sure I saw it. It has really touched my heart.

    • Yes! I saw a hummingbird today on my deck, second time this summer, and never before. It’s my son’s 21st birthday. My mom died this past June 19th, maybe she is visiting me? I have had all of the other signs, also. Thank you, Elizabeth! πŸ˜‡πŸ’—

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