22 Everyday Signs Your Angels Attempting To Reach You

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Did you know, your Guides and Angels are always with you? That's right, they're constantly sending you love and support, and they're always trying to reach out to you to give you guidance.

One of the ways in which they try to communicate their angelic messages is through signs. And there are 22 everyday signs that you might be experiencing on a regular basis without thinking much of it.

But that's the point, without understanding that some of these seemingly unsuspecting and ordinary things are signs, you may not pick up on them and therefore not pick up on the message that your Angels are trying to send you.

Here are the 22 signs you should be looking out for every single day (watch til the end for a special bonus sign)…

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  1. Thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou great great video thankyou from India thankyou Yes I am happy that my Angeles are always with me I am greatfull thankful I am receiving Maracaibo in my life yes thankyou thankyou great great video thankyou

  2. I love your videos so much! You and I clearly see many of the same signs in our daily lives 🙂

  3. I drive for my job. Back in July there was a week where I saw 5 rainbows in 6 days!! I took pictures of each of them. One of them was a full rainbow that I got a photo of all at once! It was magical! 🙂

  4. Elizabeth you have just answered a question I have asked many a person hearing my name being called outside and no one’s there I have felt and seen all the things you mentioned my house is filled with divine angels pictures and statues

  5. Hello Elizabeth, I see repeating numbers everyday. As a matter of fact, as I was listening to you, I looked up in the corner of my phone and the time was 11:11🙏 💕 Thank you for this video, I have a friend who needs to hear this. Have an amazing day everyone 🙋🏻‍♀️

  6. Like attracts like, so if you become an angel energetically, you attract the angelic energy more and more into your life. 💖

  7. So beautiful. Thank you for these signs. I have always loved my angels guiding me. I have collected angel stuff since I was young, I see repetitive numbers, I was born at 3:33. We have feathers 🪶 fall around us. I have felt my hand being held when I was sick or sad. I get the shot goose bumps, hear the ringing and music, and feel the tickles. I watch your videos every week. Thank you so much. And thank you angels. 😇

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