21 Life Rules of The Samurai

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Source: Hagakure By Yamamoto Tsunetomo

Written by RedFrost Motivation

Narrated by Gerry Conway

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  1. “Life’s tragedy is that we
    get old too soon and
    wise too late.”
    – Benjamin Franklin.

  2. Amazing how I just read his book Hagakure the day before this was released

  3. Everyone reading this I wish you
    All the best things in life:
    To love, and to be loved, good
    health, peace, prosperity, and
    all the Joy and happiness in
    the world.

  4. “A Samurai should always
    be prepared for death –
    whether his own
    or someone else’s.”

  5. This reminds me of my training with master Kirigi in the Paektu-San Mountains

  6. “Victory is reserved for those
    Who are willing to
    pay the price.”
    – Sun Tzu.

  7. “Honour may not win power,
    but it wins respect.
    And respect earns power.”
    – Ishida Mitsunari.

  8. Heavenly father I pray you keep the person reading this comment alive saved health successful life ND financially blessed them abundantly Amen++💓💯🙏

  9. You have no idea how much I needed to hear this now😢..thank you🔥

  10. “See first with your mind,
    then with your eyes,
    and finally with your body.”
    – Yagya Munenori.

  11. “Think lightly of yourself
    and deeply of the world.”
    – Miyamoto Musashi.

  12. Be grateful for adversity,for it forces the human spirit to grow.For surely,the human character is formed not in the absence of difficulty,but in our response to difficulty.

    • Adversity also frees us. Once one has been through hell, purgatory doesn’t seem so bad!

  13. “Live intensively in the present moment” and “Live to serve others.” I really like these powerful quotes.

  14. I don’t know who Needs to Hear This but ” Greatness is often built when no one is watching “. So don’t give up and keep going

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