2053: How I Stopped Feeling Inadequate and Comparing Myself to Others by Vironika Tugaleva of…

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Vironika Tugaleva shares how she stopped feeling inadequate and comparing herself to others.

Episode 2053: How I Stopped Feeling Inadequate and Comparing Myself to Others by Vironika Tugaleva of Vironika.org

Vironika Tugaleva was born in Donetsk, Ukraine in 1988. Her early years as a misfit began her painful struggle with mental health. As she struggled with self-acceptance, anxiety, and identity, Vironika found solace in words and music. Her first book, The Love Mindset, won the Readers' Favorite silver medal for Best Self-Help book of 2013. Driven by an urge to spread light in the world, Vironika began to do life coaching, speaking, and writing in the personal growth field. In 2014, Vironika sold her things, left Toronto, and became a digital nomad. She launched her 2nd book in 2017, The Art of Talking to Yourself. Currently, Vironika is working on a poetry book, writing and peforming spoken word, and planning arts-related events.

The original post is located here: https://www.vironika.org/stopped-feeling-inadequate-comparing-others/

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