2021 Will Be A REVOLUTIONARY Year! Astrology, Numerology & Tarot Forecast for 2021 with Raphael!

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2021 Will Be A REVOLUTIONARY Year! Astrology, Numerology & Tarot Forecast for 2021 with Raphael!

In this video, Heather and Raphael discuss the energy for the year ahead in a special sneak preview of Heather & Raphael's "Navigating the Big Picture Webinar!"

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  1. Fast, vibrant, revolutionary. Yikes! Let’s hope those who would control are not the same as the old boss.

  2. My respect for you and your craft have grown immensely in the course of this video Heather. Your intuition on the events upcoming are ringing true with my own research. There’s no lie in nature. The sky clock on which you base your readings was put there for all of us and it doesn’t speak falsehood. I’m a farmer. I use it for my planting and animal husbandry schedules. Plant and animal growth and health are definitely influenced by the heavenly bodies. Food will be huge upcoming. Trust me on that. Hang onto your hat. Thanks so much. Getting into Astrology has really added a dimension to my understanding of the nature of our reality. Cheers.

  3. My fave duo! You are both brilliant in your own ways. So grateful for this video full of information.

  4. I think raves will become a sort of public necessity rather than recreation soon, if the right to socialise publicly is denied for much longer.

    I would love it if they could happen and everyone goes home safe and unexploited AND TIDIES THEIR MESS UP before they go.

    • I have a really crazy birth chart, I can’t read it with all the t-squares, yods (?), just not sure, very complicated.
      I need a good chart reader & I’ve no idea…do you know anyone? Thanks a ton!!! Sending much love & light♥️♥️🌎🌎⚡⚡♾♾🌈🌈🦈🦈🌞🌞⛵⛵

    • @Julie Lea I give free readings!😊Anything you’d like to know.. generally on my channel I show and teach about ‘Asterian Astrology’.. the Greek version of Vedic astrology (the 27 sign system that supersedes the 12 sign system). Drop me a line if you wish at my email: ScorpioOxMan @ gmail (dot) com. With any questions🌞

    • @Melissa B Yes it is Numerology.. 2020 was the “4 Year” (2+0+2+0= 4). 4 is the Number of Law&Order. 2021 is the “5 Year” (2+0+2+1= 5). 5 is the Number of open mindedness, beauty, also friendliness🌞🌟

  5. I’m so glad I got to see this video, I doubt it’ll stay on YouTube for long before it gets taken down by YT lol but I’m glad I saw it!

  6. Remember that we all have free will. In my opinion people can be pushed only so far when they say NO.
    I see 2021 as a year of change and freedom (we will see).
    Must have said the wrong date. Oil dead by 2024 (impossible).
    Teachers with guns! That’s a bizarre statement. No way that will happen before parents pull kids for homeschooling.
    Overall I’m surprised by some of the strange statements this guy makes. I generally really like your videos Heather (watch most of them) but I wish you had found a different partner for the year ahead.

    • Reydiant reality is a GUN tarot reader, and very prophetic. He has predicted many things for me.

    • @Crystal Chrysalis555 How about take the things you like and leave the rest….no need to be so negative. Maybe the “open mindedness” he was talking about will be a gift that you never saw coming? I’m curious to see how much you have changed in a year 😉

    • Yeah I agree, I really hate these negative perspective on the upcoming turmoil. I try to adhere to the belief system that earth is splitting into 2 spheres on a vibrational level & the negative will energetically collect on one & the other timeline will be the one IM ON! 😂
      The peaceful 5d earth where I’m not even aware of all the bullshit happening because it’s not even in my perceivable world.

    • @Melissa Harrell Just thought I would share my comment. No intent to offend anyone. Note that I did give the video a thumbs up (just not everything resonated with me). I hope that you (and we all) have a great 2021. All the best.

    • But will they say no before getting a vaccine that destroys their dna?, or get a chipped Covid test? Or even Put a mask on? No. Most will get the realization of their ignorance when it’s too late. Forgive my scorpio nature.

  7. IMO We will see currency wars for the next 10 yrs. Decentralized open source crypto is the only way to go.

  8. This feels like we will be living in a communist era… it seems like our freedom is being taking away??? How is this supposed to be better.. so confused..

    • Why would communism have taken away people’s freedom? There’s been a battle of ideologies raging for over a century and fascist based ideology is winning out. Instead of reading David Icke/Jordan Peterson as gospel do your own research, after all those two men are veritable actors. That sums up modern times, YouTube theatrics combined with a lot of out of context, thus half baked philosophising.

  9. Seems 2021 is going to be worse than 2020. Terrible! I don’t see how one can be be excited to live in a 1984 kind of world.🤮🤮🤮

  10. I know what ur saying drag queens reading to nursery school children in their proactive clothing. It’s so wrong. Also, the over sexualisation and so much exposure to young minds,its truly scary. Also speaking of Jupiter in pisces I have that in my natal chart in my first house.

  11. The best thing could happen in USA would be a great reset of Medical Care. It was set up by Rockefeller, Carnegie, Flexner. Maybe it’s time for something less capitalist and more humaterian.

  12. Military action? Britain/America is in a state of perpetual war. Big shifts in energy supply seems likely as the oil companies have been switching their interest from oil to the alternatives for years.
    I’m glad you’ve taken my point about hospitals being sold into the monopoly game.
    The drive towards vaccines began in the 1940s but chips, not quite yet, but a useful ploy to mask the robotisation programme.
    Why don’t you insult schools again, grow up. The workplace and schools are social situations as much as anything else. I’m glad you are confident that if you do have kids, you will be the perfect person to socialise your them.
    To burst Doodle’s bubble I think Britain should reintroduce 18th/19th century history into schools, with a little utilitarian philosophy thrown in, to show kids whose ideas really shaped the world. Not you country’s either by the way Heather.
    Why are you aiding and abetting the break down of these structures when you have no workable alternatives. This isn’t the 1960s this is for real, you are advocating the tearing up of people’s lives to pave the way for robotisation.
    Nimble of mind, what does that mean? you are not predicting anything, you are following the news and lots of ideas that were formulated at a time when fascism was on the rise, not just in Germany either. Britain had a huge movement among the elite, including the family members of Diana Spencer, better know as the fragrant Princess Diana. It was, though, downhill all the way from about 1880 when the Zionist and eugenist fascist movements began.
    The trouble with the hippie movement was that it was steeped in the ideology, not only of existentialism but of phenomenology a useful tool in creating the 1920/30s notion of a super race. Now that incorporates asexuality and black and Asian skin colours but is still not to be celebrated.
    What does non-binary mean exactly? from what I know many people are trying to change from one gender to another, others are confused and yet others deny their gender saying they can choose from day to day. The last group are despicable as they have to be privileged or bored stiff to claim this. We are dancers on the edge of time, an interesting concept even if Michael Moorcock was an acid head.
    People accept seeing babies wiggling their bottoms on tele, so of course the sex trade is semi-legal already and people haven’t pushed back yet. Its the insidious methods of a 500 year ruling class, as represented by the Tories. Mothers sell their babies into this precarious lifestyle as they have always sold they kids to Hollywood as well.
    I could have told you it was going that way in the 1980s, when advertising cast off all restraints. At this time sex workers, not least through the legitimating of Page 3, began claiming they were feminists. As usual the Trotskyist Socialist Worker Party and their group, the English Collective of Prostitutes indulged the view in Britain. This is a complicated issue but one thing leads to another. Also the Trots caused a huge rift in Greenham Common.
    Still suggesting that people get inflamed about this subject only and ignoring their personal economy is wrong. XR is a prime example of this lack of consciousness as it almost encourages child prostitution (closing of sweat shops) in poorer economies. This displacement is part of the chosen race mentality too, at least psycholgically.
    I expect you grew up with calculators but some of us like to count our money, its not a progression to put our money on a cloud. Well if Visa has bought into it then you know whose gonna control it and its not you two or me. Why do you regret saying that Heather? Yeah its probably gonna be another commodity like mineral wealth.
    I accepted about 40 years ago I’d end up in a work house, as socialist values disappeared into the ether but don’t want to see my grand kids chipped cos I took life lying down.
    Why don’t you say hashish, weed or ganja even, why this number I’ve never heard of.
    Well don’t shop in places that short change you, why encourage them?
    They’ve already restricted the internet or they wouldn’t have been able to incarcerate the world. Anyway the platforms were invented by the Mayflower Brigade to line their own pockets and impose control systems, Hitler would be envious of.
    In Britain the police have been militarised for decades, following Thatcherite policy of riot control. Having said that in 2009 after the G20 protest, I saw an actual military formation after all the protesters were released form the cordon. An amazing one was in London just recently on the Piers Corbyn anti lock down demo, when the police did a formation leaving Trafalgar Sq. They tend to confine the practice to when they regroup or change shift so to speak on the riot lines, as they do when stuff is calm. There was martial law in Mid Wales during the foot and mouth murder of cattle, some years ago too. The police have probably learned from the Carabiniere in Italy that can do perfect formations in vans after protests and before beating people to pulp in schools, Genoa.

  13. Yikes, a cashless society is a controlled society and one of the plans for the “great reset” as called for by the multibillionaires at the WEF in January this year. So we will be under an increasingly authoritarian/communist government and we will all love it (or off to the camps for re education or simply being excluded from jobs or society unless we comply). Terrifying.

  14. I intuitively feel there will be uprising of better social media platforms. Facebook will crumble.

  15. So what are your plans for when this country turns into a communist nightmare?? I need ideas. Lol

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