189: An Excerpt from the book Breaking Borders by Kate Isler on Adventure, Family, and Career…

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Kate Isler shares an excerpt from her book, a memoir titled "Breaking Borders"

Episode 189: An Excerpt from the book Breaking Borders by Kate Isler on Adventure, Family, and Career Success

Kate has over 20 years of international executive leadership gained working for fortune 100 companies to startups and have now turned my passion for supporting gender parity into a thriving business. She is the Co-Founder and CEO of TheWMarketplace, an eCommerce platform built to support women-owned businesses, services providers and gender balanced companies. The site is the Economic Engine for Women and earned revenue from the launch day. She is a change agent and thought leader. Her experience in high tech as a CEO of a digital health startup and as an Executive at Microsoft, where she spent many years living and working overseas, provides a powerful platform of real-world expertise and examples to draw from when addressing gender equity and balanced management practices. Kate has successfully navigated the complexity of a global company and tested her agility and ability to innovate as an entrepreneur. Her journey of leadership, challenging the status quo, overcoming adversity, and breaking gender stereotypes motivates and inspires audiences.

More about the book can be found here: https://www.kateisler.com/https/hcleadershipessentialscom/pages/breaking-borders

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