1833: Discover Your World: Ways to Live Present by Danae Smith of This Wondrous Life

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Danae Smith of This Wondrous Life offers some ways to live in the present.

Episode 1833: Discover Your World: Ways to Live Present by Danae Smith of This Wondrous Life

Danae Smith is East Coast born and raised, but a West Coast girl at heart, She is the founder of This Wondrous Life, a lifestyle blog, rooted in pursuing a life lived simply, slowly, and with community.

Over the years, Danae has found her heart pulled so strongly towards living a slower, more simple life. In a time where we are inundated with the message of instant gratification; where success is defined by numbers and accolades, and social media has begun to define how we live our lives, She desires to build a space and create a culture that shows another way—a more simple and slow approach to life.

The original post is located here: https://thiswondrouslife.com/twl/discover-your-world-ways-to-live-present

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