1579: Setting Financial Goals The SMART Way AND What’s Yours Is Mine – Budgeting Tips for…

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Philip Dancy of Dancy With Money shares two short posts covering setting financial goals and budgeting tips for couples

Episode 1579: Setting Financial Goals The SMART Way AND What's Yours Is Mine – Budgeting Tips for Couples by Philip Dancy

Philip Dancy joined one of the top investment banking firms upon his graduation from the Five Year MBA program at Hampton University. After starting his career in New York City and getting his first check, he understood that this “adulting” life wasn’t going to be simple. However, the one thing he knew he had to do was create a budget for himself. Through a period of trial and error, Philip was able to establish a solid foundation. As a result, Philip reached a point where he was comfortable and on a trajectory towards financial freedom. Philip’s main goal is to help millennials and Gen Z’ers (but ultimately everyone) establish a strong financial foundation through coaching while helping them turn steps into strides.

The original posts are located here: https://dancywithmoney.com/blog/setting-financial-goals-the-smart-way & https://dancywithmoney.com/blog/couples-budgeting-tips

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