15 Spartan Life Rules (How To Be Mentally Strong)

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15 Life rules created from the ancient lifestyle and culture of the Spartans.

Sparta was a prominent city-state in ancient Greece and was known for its dominant military power. The Spartan way of life was stoic, tough and based upon honour.

Written by RedFrost Motivation.

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  1. Wake up with determination. Go to bed with satisfaction

  2. “You have power over
    your mind – Not outside events. Realise this, and
    you will find strength.”-
    Marcus Aurelius

    • You have power over your mind. And some of us have power over our bodies, and some outside events. – Me

  3. “If you realized how powerful
    your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought.”-
    Peace Pilgrim.

    • Without a negative thought, you never could realize what a positive thought is. – Me

  4. I. The greatest shame for a Spartan was to return home alive from a lost battle. So too. Do not return from a challenge not given everything.

    II. Only consume plain food and never eat to the point of satisfaction. This will not only bring about a leanness for battle but also foster mental fortitude.

    III. Seek out intense competition. You will push yourself much harder

    IV. Every Spartan should undergo a right of passage. A physical or mental trial. Once completed, you are born again, better than ever.

    V. Speed, strength and agility are less essential than stamina, grit, endurance, and courage.

    VI. Accepting death will allow you to live your life courageously. It unshackled the mind from the limitations of fear, bringing forth your true potential.

    VII. Do not engage in gossip, only engage in conversation that will nourish and strengthen your spirit.

    VIII. Fight for a good cause, every ounce of your being to push that cause further and do not be afraid to defend it.

    IX. Surround yourself with people who are ruthlessly devoted to becoming their greatest selves.

    X. A leader does not watch on safely from the rear.

    XI. Continuously introduce yourself to difficult situations where you are forced to either sink or swim. A great Spartan must have the ability to quickly adapt.

    XII. Partake in structured, organised and well respected training programs, ensuring you see them through to the finish.

    XIII. Refuse to be a victim of circumstance. Learn to be self reliant and prepared for any situation.

    XIV. Find ways to implement short bursts of discomfort into your daily life. This will ensure growth and prevent you from falling into sloth.

    XV. Dedicate yourself to perpetual physical training, regardless of circumstance and feelings.

  5. There is Nothing impossible
    to him who will try.”-
    Alexander the Great.

  6. “What we achieve inwardly
    will change outer reality.”-

  7. “It’s not death that a man
    should fear but he
    should fear never
    beginning to live.”-
    Marcus Aurelius.

  8. Always honored to see you posting ancient principals ….as a native scholar for Human Values metrics.
    In this era we live ,the same words of the ancient times are distorted from their true essence.
    But their vibration lives on. If you analyze the ancient Greek word freedom (it’s composed from two) one can understand the purpose and value of freedom…Respect

  9. Wow!
    This 3 min gave me more, than some Videos in 30min or 30min reading of some Books.
    Thank You Brother 🙏🏼

    • These videos are great little treats but philosophy only changes the mind through serious contemplation. This means pondering at length _single paragraphs_, wilriting down your thoughts on it and cross referencing it with other philosophy. It’s meant to be strenuous exercise for the mind and soul 🙂

  10. He who sweats more in training bleeds less in war….I always found this Spartan warrior quote as motivating

  11. These rules are definitely spartanism at it’s finest. Direct, straight to the point, explained with no filter words, and leave you with a guideline of what to strive for.

    Excellent work as usual my friend. Thank you.

  12. Refuse to be a victim of circumstance. Learn to be self reliant and prepared for any situation,❤️

  13. Dedicate yourself to perpetual physical training, regardless of circumtance and feelings. 💪🏻🇵🇭

  14. The life of Spartan don’t just value physical strength but mental strength, resilience & adaptability also resourcefulness and tactics

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