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  1. Divine Powers Are Always Working For Us Because We’re Doing Right. Yeah eee eee

  2. All my dreams shift me all over the place, I dream walk, I get pulled and snatched out of my dreams, everything you saying is happening to me, I’ve just been taking ashwaghanda to calm down 😌

  3. Maaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnn. I was wondering if I was the only one having so many dreams lately!!!! Its been super wild

  4. Yo tren I wish you was still in Charlotte Nc, I would love to hang with you every word you be saying be resonating heavy

  5. My whole life has been waiting for these moments, I’ve been in training and now it’s on😉👑👑👑👑

  6. One thing is for sure Tren Genius, everybody can’t go with us🥺💕💕💕💕💕

    • You know how many channels out there sharing the same message as tren. They all have over 500k to 1mill subs. So you think you are one of those 144k out of all those people who believe they are? Lol

  7. They distorting your Thumbnail, King. That is a message that this message is breaking the fabric.

    Press on, Pedalers! 🙏🏾🥂

  8. I’ve been speaking this for 23 years! Back in the day, they called me crazy and everything that was spoken is happening now!

  9. Yo is anyone else overwhelmingly calm?? I felt a huge relief in November this world may have already shifted😅

  10. I’m Chosen 🌟🌍 to all star seeds, i will see you ladies & gents at the 🔝 fasho 🙏🏾 – theDonn

  11. I Am Everywhere. Shifting this Paradigm✨
    Thinking My Way Out Of This World, Floating Above It All.

    Cocreating Our Own Reality!!!
    144 STAND UP . RISE UP!!! ☀️

  12. The movie” Lucy”, for me has a connection to our Ancestor ( oldest human fossil found) for whom the scientist name her Lucy. Ase’

  13. And people speaking other languages around me and guess what??? I understand it😂😂😂

  14. 💫💫JOIN THE CHOSEN ONES IN MY 24/7 Private Chat 👉🏾https://throne.live/share?room=@TrenGenius

  15. Outstanding. Well spoken. Real talk !
    Lucid dreams no joke…
    Multidimensional !!!

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