1438: Classic Money Rules Applied to Time by Joel of 5AMJoel on Investing in Yourself

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Joel of 5AM Joel applies classic money rules to time.

Episode 1438: Classic Money Rules Applied to Time by Joel of 5AMJoel on Investing in Yourself

Joel is a 35-year old living in Los Angeles with his wife and their dog. He was born and raised in Australia and moved to the US when he was 22. About 4 years ago he started getting up every morning at 5am. It started as one of those 30 day challenges, but after the challenge was over, Joel never stopped. He started noticing major improvements in his work, health, relationships and happiness in life. Joel sends out a short daily message at 5am each morning. He writes about happiness, positivity and learning to be a better human.

The original post is located here: http://5amjoel.com/money-time-rules/

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