1284: [Part 1] 7 Tips For A Better Night’s Sleep by Melani Schweder of A Brighter Wild on Screen…

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Melani Schweder of A Brighter Wild shares seven tips for a better night's sleep. This is part 1 of 2.

Episode 1284: [Part 1] 7 Tips For A Better Night's Sleep by Melani Schweder of A Brighter Wild on Screen Time & Insomnia

Melani Schweder is a Certified Health Coach, Reiki Master/Teacher, and guide for those who want to live life in full color, even through hardships like chronic illness, divorce, or other struggle. Her own health issues led her to dig deep into alternative/natural health and take sustainable, self-guided steps towards recovery. She is passionate about holistic methods, and her unique coaching process combines the best of her knowledge in whole-foods nutrition, Reiki, mindfulness, herbal medicine, and positive psychology.

The original post is located here: https://www.abrighterwild.com/blog/7-tips-for-better-sleep

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