10 Things That You’ve Been Doing Wrong Your Whole Life

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  1. Its already on its way. Just be patient. Everything you need will be with you. Give thanks.
    NEW BOOK FEEL ALIVE BY RALPH SMART NOW AVAILABLE: http://www.ralphsmart.com/thebook
    ADD ME ON INSTAGRAM NOW: http://www.instagram.com/officialralphsmart
    All new clothes available now: http://www.ralphsmart.com/clothes
    10 Things That You’ve Been Doing Wrong Your Whole Life
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  2. Its already on its way. Just be patient. Everything you need will be with you. Give thanks.

  3. Blessings Ralph! Last year I started a youtube channel dedicated to healing others and have connected with many bright souls as a result. I speak on the behalf of many when I Thank you for showing up as a mentor day in and day out. Much Love 💓

  4. Diving Deep like always! Have a good week Ralph. Grateful to be alive and breathing fresh air!

  5. Ralph I send your video to “ woke “people and they dismiss you as disingenuous I still love and appreciate you !!!!!! ❤️

  6. Shoutout to all the DEEP DIVERS who are trying to become the greatest version of themselves 🌊

    Another phenomenal message 💫

  7. Blessings and abundance to all the lightworkers and lighthouses out here. Let’s Continue to let that light shine!!! Love to all!!!

  8. Just discovered Little Simz, a true talent. Music heals, so does all the blueberries in my mouth in the morning 🙂

  9. I love what you mentioned about breathing! Bout to take it to the next level with that PRANAAAA BABYYY 🏃‍♂️

  10. 💙🙏 Ralph, I want to express gratitude for the amazing energy & powerful messages you give – you are endlessly appreciated!
    333 one love always 🙏💙

  11. Adversity & failure is how you grow. Ones you understand this your life will change for the better ❤️💯

  12. Yes, playing by intuition is the exact reason I started drinking with my meals and really just feeling what I align with rather than pushing fruits and veg.. and my health and digestion have never been better. What’s right varies person to person.. there’s no catch all.

  13. I believe now is the time to back back our sovereignty and power. We are the creators of our reality, and we get to create the reality that WE want, not the reality that someone else wants for us. Either we are following OUR vision and what WE want to create, or we’re living into someone elses vision and what THEY want for us. The Truth is that WE are the creators of our reality, and we can have EVERYTHING that we imagine, PLUS even more. Life supports Life. Life and Creation is designed for more life and creation to be experienced, and the laws of the Universe are designed to help you manifest what you TRULY want into existence. This means that we do not need to CONTROL people circumstances to manifest what we want, but we can focus on controlling our INNER STATE of BEING instead, which then the external world will follow and your manifestation will come into fruition. Great video Ralph! Thanks for inspiring me to post daily videos! Much Love 🙏

  14. When I was around 9 or 10, I started sleeping naked, number 1 life hack, I won’t walk around naked like in the city, but when I move off grid I will. I walk barefoot all the time. Sleeping naked is the best life hack. There’s a creek by my house and I walked about a mile in it alone all naked. Barefoot out seeing nature. Literally just comparing what’s around you to Eden and living in nature like we were made too. That’s how you get back to a more heavenly state back to Eden.

  15. I feel like a bowl of porridge now 🤣… i absolutely can not listen to any music with lyrics I only play instrumentals to create my own store and visualization. We can not consume every piece of information. We must be mindful of what we give life too. Thank you Ralph Smart❤️

  16. You just nailed it,”THE ART OF LIVING IS EVOLVING☆”This RIGGED MATRIX belongs to Lucifer for Now,it has been designed to TEST Us in Spirit☆We are SPIRITUAL Beings,Not Animal Creatures.

  17. When you start taking care of yourself, you start feeling better, you start looking better and you even start to attract better. It always starts with you. Take real good care of yourself

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