1-Hour Deep Relaxation Mindvalley Meditation Music With Visuals

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Mindfulness meditation, Mindvalley meditation music

We’re rooting for you to succeed. Therefore, we prepared this stress relief meditation music so that you can use it in your mindfulness meditation practice. Let your mind and body take in this relaxing music as you meditate and let peace flow through you.

You can use this meditation music in the morning when you wake up, to develop focus. And you can also use this for your evening meditation when you want to relax your body and calm your mind. We hope that this meditation music helps you clear your mind, relax and find inner peace.

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The Future of Careers – Degrees simply don’t matter to many top companies anymore. Companies are beginning to understand the single most important quality that all great hires have in common, and that is MINDSET. But traditional job websites and degrees can only speak to a candidate's skill set, but not to their mindset. This new technology can predict WHICH company you should join and can help companies identify the best candidates based on ‘mindset’ and not just resume.

Disrupting the Calendar – Why do we put a group of 19 year olds together in a bubble for 4 years. The idea is ludicrous. What if people of all ages studied together. What if university was instead just one month a year — and so exciting that you came back every year, for the rest of your LIFE.

Don’t Pay The Price – What if everything above can be done for 1/100 the cost of a Harvard degree and provide equivalent or better quality of life and opportunities.


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