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  1. They try to burry us but they forgot we were seeds! ⬆️👍🏾🙏🏾

    • There is no cure for the cancer that is government. It’s terminal. Study Natural Law folks. Check out Mark Passio’s vids on Natural Law. The Ultimate Freedom.

    • Watch the Thrive documentary, one of the most watched documentaries in history.

    • @Rayman someone who is unnecessarily rude over a spelling yet can’t use proper grammar herself shouldn’t cast stones. You could use your own logic on yourself however….Peace and Blessings to you. That being said, Texas Rose did come across as rude to the comment. I understand dyslexia however burry vs bury….seriously that needed to be questioned? 🙄🙄🙄🙄 If I wasn’t sure on a meaning, I’d clarify better.

    • @Rayman no I wasn’t reflecting any dark side, I think perhaps you might be feeling that….her comment was not “obvious”. Please stop on that. Funny how you are so quick to forgive another’s “mistake or misunderstanding” but you have no problem judging another? You need some self reflection and the old saying: Practice What You Preach 😊

    • @TexasRose my apologies then for my quick judgement, I felt bad for the OP as her comment was really awesome and since you didn’t really clarify that you did not understand, it came across as being rude over spelling.

  2. A big manifestation is coming for you, just give thanks.

    • Exile Myself from Earth and got cloned on Uranus 💉.🩸 🧪🍆💦🧪🛸🪐 #reddawn #Killarmy

    • There is no cure for the cancer that is government. It’s terminal. Study Natural Law folks. Check out Mark Passio’s vids on Natural Law. True Freedom Awaits

    • Down the road that I cannot wait to have fun with him in the future when all is well

  3. Don’t get caught up in the crowd, do your own thing even if you need to stand alone. 💯👊💙

  4. You can have everything you want if you can put your heart and soul into everything you do.

  5. “ when you are enlightened, the universe will always open up your third eye so that you can create and do what you came here to do”

  6. “We didn’t come here to be controlled like robots, we came here to expand to 5D consciousness and create our own reality” ~ Ralf Smart✨

    • Ooook and We will be GREAT we are Destined for Greatness They will NEVER GET AWAY WITH NOTHING THEY THINK THEY ARE HIDING ITS ALREADY EXPOSED🤞🏽🗣😉😇🌟

  7. You are all appreciated. Infinite love and harmony 🙂


  9. Who opened Pandora’s box 2019 and left us all in a game of Jumanji? 🐘🙈🙉🙊🤺

  10. “It all goes back in the box”
    “Things are being loved, and people are being used”

  11. “People are supposed to be loved, things are meant to be used. The problem with the world is that things are being loved, and people are being used.” ONLY FACTS.

  12. Humans have forgotten we’re here to enjoy life not to be controlled like robots.

    • we have forgotten, and cause many of us have no purpose we offer our lives for money and when we lie in bed old ready to die we all wll know how we wasted a life time for a false purpose . Working a boring job a whole life to pay down one singel house and many dies before they get to own a house. Living should be free, ibut is the most expnsive for most of us. Money is the Destroyer of this planet. No money= no reason to be greedy ! 🙂

  13. If you don’t think for yourself and take charge of your life, someone will do it for you.

    • I am here and feel the same.. yet we need a few good people in our lives. Not doctrine followers but caring people using our good sense.

  14. 5 things to quit right now:

    1. Overthinking
    2. Trying to make everyone happy
    3. Living in the past
    4. Worrying what others think
    5. Doubting yourself

    • Is hard when this all you been doing.. I’m ready for the world to rid itself is to much this is not life.. I can’t even visit my land cause I won’t take a Covid shot and I won’t.. what else is going to take Frm us can’t go park without no mask I stay home I’m free there sleep my life away

  15. R – Radical
    A – Aware
    L – Limitless
    P – Purposeful
    H – Happy


    To all deep divers: Remember your brilliance. You got this!🙌🏼🤍😌

  16. “The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time to plant a tree is Today.”-African Proverb 💕✨

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