🔴 WOLF’S Message, WHAT the world is MISSING! | Suzanne Giesemann

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OOGA BOOGA! This episode has left me in COMPLETE Goosebumps!

Backed by evidence, former Navy Commander and Commanding Officer and author of award winning "Wolf’s Message", Suzanne Giesemann comes on today's show sharing her DIRECT information received from the ANGELS on what today’s society is missing!

Had the pleasure of speaking with Suzanne Giesemann for the THIRD time. In this episode she comes on with a message DIRECTLY from an ANGEL known as WOLF. His advice on how every one of us can better HUMANITY, entering a FLOW STATE of LOVE and explaining how we’re ALL Connected through the web of “stellated dodecahedron” STELLA.. WHAT?!

Tune in to find out more, this one applies to ALL Of us!

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  1. Love Suzanne! Can’t wait for this interview!! Thank you Michael & Jessica🙏

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