🔴 Surprising 2021 Astrology Predictions! Key Events, Dates, and NEED to Know’s! Dr. Michael Lennox

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Will 2021 be any better than 2020, or are we in for more of the same?

If you watched last year's predictions with Dr. Michael Lennox, he was spot on – so we asked him, what's coming for 2021, key dates to look for, watch out for, and what the timbre will be for the New Year.

Whether you're rebuilding your life, building a business, or simply planning ahead, this is a can't miss interview to understand the year ahead.

And if you're looking to avoid the heart-ache and despair of 2020, you'll learn when and how, to get unstuck, and move ahead, and what in the world to watch out for!

Topics Include:

* What’s going on with Saturn and Jupiter – and does the past transit still matter?
* What is Saturn’s influence for the new year?
* How is Capricorn influencing current events?
* What’s the path through the New Year with the least pain
* How will Uranus affect the New Year and what are the “big surprises” it will bring?
* What are the key dates to look for with Uranus?
* Why are this year’s Mercury Retrogrades so different – and when are they?
* What does a Venus transit in December mean for all of us?
* Why do we want to watch for February, June and December?
* How can we round the corner and use 2021 as a healing experience?
* What do we need to do in 2021 based on the stars?

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