🔴 10X the Power of Your Intentions! Law of Attraction + Power of 8 Meditation – Lynne McTaggart

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Imagine finding everything you thought you knew about the world to be completely untrue? Well, that’s where we stand at today with physicals, intention, and the law of attraction.

It’s turns science, research, and countless studies show quite-literally, that thoughts can become things.

And it’s no-where more evident or more powerful, then when it comes to group intention work.

In this phenomenal, paradigm-busting interview with Lynne McTaggart, investigative reporter-come Power of 8 messenger, you’ll learn how you can literally create miracles through the power of group intention.

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Topics covered include:
1. The science behind thoughts becoming things
2. How group intention works
3. What’s the “power of 8”
4. Massive thought experiments and their results
5. What’s the “boomerang” effect?
6. How miracles are created through concentrated focus?
7. The power of intention experiments on a global scale
8. A powerful group intention meditation to 10x your intentions, and help change the world!

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  1. Hi Everyone! I have not heard or read from Lynne, but looking forward to seeing this!

    • @Inspire NationI loved the interview! I want to find a like-minded group who will set intentions (hold intentions with me, and me for others). In the meantime, I was inspired to finally start my vision notebook to manifest for me and also others. Thank you for all you do Michael, Jessica, Alyson, Lynne and anyone else I’ve heard so far. My finding you all was certainly devinely inspired. Thank you from all that I AM.

  2. Jesus says when two or more are gathering his name…you don’t need nine or ten! Two is fine.

  3. Please provide the link of the video about the lady who stood up after healing session

  4. What a world this will be when even a small percentage of us are doing this regularly. Thank you so much, Jessica and Michael!

  5. Love the interview. Powerful and inspirational. High Vibes. Clear intention. Focus the energy. Light and standing in the Divine Power. I am divine Power, I am divine Power, I am divine Power. Thanks Inspired Nation, Michael …love the guest you invite for the beautiful impactful messages spread into the world.

    • Thank you @angelbeyond! So happy you enjoy our show! Let us know if there’s a guest you’d like for us to talk to. Take care 💓

    • @Inspire Nation THere would be a view 😉 I love Diana Cooper…since I do work with the angels…and Drunvalo Melchizedek is great,..trained once with him… Tony Robbins.. <3 it is sooo great to tune into such light filled shows, as this will raise our planet, not deemed to just look what is on one plate but far, bar beyond. THis is, we will raise <3 <3 <3

    • @Angelbeyond Thanks so much @Angelbeyond and for your brilliant light, energy, and perspective on the world!!!

  6. I love this ♥ Is there anyone in the UK who would like to get together and become a POWER OF 8 group?

  7. I have been involved with a Power of Eight group from 2020. One of the best choices I ever made! Our group truly made 2020 FAR more worthwhile, regardless of all of the challenges! 🙂

  8. In this short healing meditation,healing for the Americas & the planet ,I felt so much Love & healing in my solar plexus 🌟

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