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Modern integrative medicine is redefined through the concept of human potential rather than dysfunction and disease. This implies another set of parameters that evaluate the full range of health. The fundamental focus of medicine on seeking to identify what is wrong is then shifted toward the interest in what can be done to bring an individual to their full potentiality.

A new grid of evaluation is brought into play that assesses an individual the principles of natural medicine, the five elements, and the seven chakras. This approach is described in the program as Quantum Evaluation, although the more modern term recognized today is the “Qualified Self.” However, with the advent of smartphone digital medicine, another dimension “known as the Quantified Self” has become available that indirectly completes the Qualified (Quantum) Self Evaluation by identifying digital parameters that allow assessment of brain-heart-gut coherence.

This course will provide practical knowledge in conjunction with an accurate Quantum Evaluation using easy forms and flow charts to organize different patterns of information and identify priorities for clients. Students will learn to evaluate the Bio-Emotional-Mental-Supramental-Spiritual Terrain using the system of the Five Pillars of Health, Five Bodies, Five Elements, and Seven Chakras to complement the Quantified Self Evaluation obtained from the use of digital health parameters and more effectively guide their clients toward a state of positive health.

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  1. My dream is to sign up for this program but I have to make some money . When my son was sick (cancer ) I want to help him with all my experience in natural ,organic way to cure but he choose chemotherapy and at the end of his journey he told me Chemo was his worse enemy . Not the disease . We made plans to go together to your University (online) because we want to help others to really find the cure for cancer . He didn’t make and I wanna do it for him .With love Valeria Hill

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