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The cost of healthcare has quadrupled in less than 50 years. This is only one of the statistics demonstrating that healthcare is in crisis and needs to be challenged by a revolutionary type of health management that shifts the focus from a disease-oriented medicine to a positive health-oriented medicine re-centered on cultivating a relationship center on the client.

Unfortunately, in conventional medicine, healthcare management is predominantly disease-oriented, empowering the doctor and the medical protocols. In Integrative Medicine, however, we re-center the client at the core of the relationship, giving priority to the role of consciousness, health potential, and creativity in the management of healthcare. Democratization is the theme of this new type of management where the client is more empowered and active regarding their health destiny.

As Integrative Medicine recognizes both the physical and the subtle bodies (vital / mental / supramental / bliss), healthcare management opens up to become a holistic and preventative medicine in which healthcare encompasses and goes beyond caring only for the physical. When these multidimensional aspects are fully explored, integrating the best of both medicines, conventional and integrative, new holistic avenues become available for the treatment of chronic disease, mind-body disease, and degenerative diseases. By focusing on “positive health,” we are shifting the outcome of medicine to be oriented more toward health potential.

This course redefines Healthcare Management in terms of consciousness and adds mindfulness as a necessary experience to reshape the client/practitioner relationship.

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