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For decades medicine has focused on eliminating pain with medication, rather than addressing the underlying cause. With microcurrent therapy, we have the potential to not only uncover the root cause of the pain, but to remove it. The Pain Resolution Health Coach program presents the basic requirements of coaching necessary to become board certified as a Quantum Health Coach, including a thorough understanding of how to use Microcurrent for Pain Resolution.

Students will learn about the history of microcurrent therapy, the electrical potential of the body, microcurrent’s relationship to “frequency medicine,” its ability to resolve pain, the “Four Rules” of microcurrent, “meridianism,” and how to assist clients with a variety of different ailments. This unique program also includes in-depth training in Holistic Anatomy, Neurofeedback, as well as Client Relations and Professional Ethics, and Coaching and Communication Skills.

The Pain Resolution Health Coach Certification Program also prepares you to become certified as a Health Coach within just 3 – 6 months – certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

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